Resources for Canary Breeders

Introduction to Canary Breeding A short article that covers the basics.

Pedigree Template Click here for a printable template you can use for creating a pedigree.

Canary Sales Contract Sample contract, can be used as is or modified for your policies.

The Plan How the American Singer canary was created.

The rest of the information on this page is provided as a convenience, the ASC is not responsible for any problems in dealing with these companies.

Abba Products Corp. P.O. Box 122, Elizabeth, NJ 07207
(908) 353-0669 canary breeding cages and supplies, seeds and eggfood

Aviary & Animal Pet Supply (903)785-2636 or (800) 780-2636
5405 Wolf Creek, Powderly, Texas 75473
lots of speciality canary breeding supplies, small plastic carrying cages, oval perches

Bird Breeder Connection (888)261-5222 (toll-free number)
Their specialty is European/imported bird supplies, eg. egg foods, fake canary eggs, padded bird nets from England, open and closed bands. Send email to:

Bird Supply of New Hampshire
They carry products from Vetafarm, Quiko, Nemeth Farms, etc.

Full Spectrum Solutions Manufacturer of full spectrum lighting systems

The Higgins Group Corp. (now owns Sunshine Bird Supplies), RB-35 canary breeding cages, supplies, CéDé eggfood. 1-305-593-2666 or 1-800-878-2666

MDS Inc., P.O. Box 1441, Brandon, FL 33509
Call toll free at 1-800-435-9352
Egg Candler "Candling Without Handling"

Miami Pet Supply (954) 547-6698
They sell double canary breeding cages and other canary supplies

Minute Man Electronics (510) 791-5036, 37111 Post St. #1, Fremont, CA 94536
Bird Breeding Light Controller, custom programming available
To contact with email, send to:

MP Aviaries Online ordering available of cages, food, and supplies, eg. fake canary eggs, nests, Quiko eggfood.

MyCanaries.Com Information on breeding canaries, also has links to canary clubs worldwide.

Natural Lighting Toll Free: 888-900-6830
Full Spectrum Lighting supplier, has stockpile of Vitalites

Nutritional Research Assoc., Inc.
Box 354, So. Whitley, IN. 46787
Sells a seed cleaning machine that helps recover good seed. It operates by using your home or shop vacuum. They also have nestling food as well as seed and many other bird supplies. Their toll free number is 1-800-456-4931.

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